Welcome to Audio Advent

The challenge: 24 articles in 24 days, covering hifi and music.

Welcome to Audio Advent

Twenty four days of writing! At least one article every day, covering music (classical, jazz, and pop/rock), and hifi!

That's my promise to you.

About me

First, let me introduce myself. I'm Stephen Nelson-Smith. I run a hifi shop in Chichester, West Sussex. I'm a music lover, a dilettante musician, and audio consultant. What that means is that, as part of my day-to-day existence, I come into contact with all kinds of music, and, of course, all kinds of hifi.

My clients have often remarked on what they perceive to me my wide-ranging experience and knowledge on musical and hifi matters, and have said things like: "you should write a book!".

I've already written and published two books... I wouldn't rule out another, but for now, I'll stick to blogging, and see how it goes!

The format

My plan is to write something about a recording, performer, or artist/composer, under the three broad headings of classical, jazz, and pop/rock. I'm an enthusiastic listener in all three genres, and learn new things from my clients every day, so I'm sure I'll have plenty to write about.

I'll probably organise them by category, rather than have all categories under one larger post. That means if you're more interested in one genre than the others, you can go directly to those articles, and if your primary interest is in hifi, you can find all those together too.

The future...

A post a day until Christmas day is no small undertaking! However, once we reach the end of the road, who knows? Maybe I'll be up for continuing the challenge?

So, stand by for post 1 (this is post zero)...

Stephen Nelson-Smith is founder and principal consultant at Expressive Audio, in Chichester, West Sussex.